Open call to writers for 2017 horror anthology

Who doesn’t like to have their stuff published? We are working on the 2017 edition of our annual horror anthology and are looking for authors to submit their works to be included.

Join the likes of previous anthology authors such as Jonathan Maberry​, Dana Fredsti​, Thomas M. Malafarina​, Wesley Thomas​, JC Hutchins​, Catt Dahman​, Amanda M Lyons​, Tim Marquitz​, Jim Goforth​ and more and have your stories published in our collection of the best indie horror stories of the day.

There is no theme other than horror and the deadline is undetermined, we will publish once we have the right amount amount and mixture of stories. This will be a for publicity anthology, so there will be no pay, but it is a good way to get your name out there with some of the best indie horror authors of the day.

Interested? Email your book to us at brandon AT and fill out the following page and you are all set.

Submit Story to Moon Books Horror Anthology



All proceeds will go towards my wife Elizabeth Houk Mullins kidney transplant fund.

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