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Welcome to Wesley’s Author Promo Service, the ultimate service for authors wanting to increase sales and boost readership. Unlike other promotional services, we offer a range of packages to suit every authors need and individual budget. From the wildly popular ‘Review & Promo Service’ where you get both a review and promotion, the ‘Promo Only Service’, or for constant advertising, the banner service. 

I started this business by myself, later recruiting passionate and talented marketers helping launch and revive author sales. In a world where literally thousands of ebooks are published every single day it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. So you need something that will give you the edge, something different, an effective and revolutionary marketing plan.

Book marketing is a crucial part of being a self-published author. In this modern era it is not enough to be a great writer, you must have a wide skill set, which includes marketing, and knowing how to market successfully. More and more people are self-publishing every day, making the competition that much fiercer. Fortunately, I myself am a bestselling author with three bestselling titles. On one occasion I actually beat out Mr Stephen King in the category British Horror Fiction. So I know a little something about marketing books.

So I kindly help fellow authors by devising individual promotional plans and strategies for each author, based on how I became a bestseller and the strategies I employed. As I say, ‘No book is ever the same, no author is ever the same. Each one brings something new to the table, whether it be subtle or revolutionary’. Me and the team spend days producing these plans in order to establish the target market, and ascertain the best way to reach that audience dependent on that demographic. Although we specialize in horror fiction, we have had many clients of all genres, each and every one having seen a huge increase in sales and readership. 
Fortunately we have a huge presence in not only America, but the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Which helps dramatically from a marketing perspective. It enables us to expand and reach as many potential readers as possible for our clients. 

But let’s face it, not all writers are great marketers. And if you don’t know how to correctly and accurately market, you are doing one of two things. Either wasting your time, or giving yourself a bad reputation as an author. Neither you want to do! Marketing is a skill all its own. Authors are meant to write, marketers are meant to market. Why waste time when you could be writing your next great book? Especially if your promotion is ineffective. Here at Wesley’s Author Promo Service, we are all qualified and experienced when it comes to all forms of marketing. I’m not only a bestselling author, but an award winning blogger, and head of marketing for a media business in the UK. But we all bring different skills to the table when it comes to creating a full proof promotional plan for your book! We have a former publicist, marketing expert, public relations mastermind and another internationally bestselling author all contributing to devising your individually catered marketing plan and powerful book review. So why try your hand and risk failing miserably, when you can leave marketing to the experts. That’s where we come in. 


As an author promotional business, it is our mission to get you the sales figures you deserve, thus the reviews you have worked for, leading to an increased readership, established online presence, and super-readers. Through various websites, blogs and medias, using our skills and knowledge, we get your book exposed to over 130,000 potential readers!

Isn’t it time your book was in the spotlight? You won’t find any other marketing service that provides as much choice in packages, and prices. And that reaches over 130,000 readers! We work to cater all authors. If you’re newly published we can get your career as a professional author started with a bang, or if you’re a seasoned writer, we can invigorate your latest release with modern and revolutionary forms of marketing.

Are you an author looking to increase book sales and author awareness? Do you want an intense promotional plan to achieve this, plus a complimentary review?

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