Construct 3 Announced : What we know

On 27th of January Scirra, makers of HTML5 game engines Construct Classic and Construct 2, announced that development of Construct 3 was well underway. There’s not much information out, but what information can we assume about Construct’s third edition, and what does this mean for those already using Construct 2’s either free or paid versions, and game devs as a whole?

Why develop a new version?

The reasons for Scirra wanting to make a brand new version of Construct are quite simple, and similar to the reasons for developing Construct 2 when Construct Classic was available. While the software as whole has grown brilliantly since release, there are still many limitations in the editor, and so creation of a new editing suite is where Scirra will focus their efforts. The main examples Scirra mention on their blog being lack of support for languages outside of English, and operating systems outside of Windows.

Scirra also wants to assist the excellent community of plugin makers by making a new version much easier to edit and expand. The community already has made a vast array of plugins and expansions for Construct 2, and Scirra hopes making it easier to develop these will bring a lot of value to newer versions of Construct.

There’s plenty more possibilities too, a mass of little features that just aren’t possible in Construct 2’s development environment that a fresh slate could handle. Its easy to forget that Construct 2 is almost 5 years old now, and is well capable of making games that play as well and look as good as any other 2D HTML5 engine.

Will Construct 3 be free?

While it hasn’t been confirmed, the likelihood is that Construct 3 will have a similar payment model to Construct 2, that is, there will be a free edition, and different licenses for personal and business use dependant on how much money you make using the engine. I feel this is the right step especially if Construct 3’s free version is anywhere near as good as its predecessor. You can do an amazing amount just with Construct 2’s free edition, but I found the upgrade to the licensed personal edition well worth it, especially considering I’ve made the cost of the license back in sales of my games and tutorials since.

Scirra also confirm that while Construct 3 wont be free for Construct 2 license holders, there will be an upgrade option available, which will grant you the Construct 3 license at a discounted rate.

What happens to Construct 2?

Construct 2 will continue to receive updates, although at a slower rate, while Construct 3 is in development. Scirra has hinted that updates will likely continue even after Construct 3’s release for a while, but they will be bug fixes as opposed to further features.

The aim in the long term is to make Construct 3 an ideal upgrade for current Construct 2 users, and Scirra have confirmed that alongside the upgrade deal for owners of a Construct 2 license, Construct 3 will be compatible with its predecessor’s .capx files, so you’ll be able to open and continue your projects immediately if you decide to upgrade.

All in all, Scirra seem to be putting great effort into making Construct’s next version even more accessible and easy to use. In addition, the increased focus on plugins and extensions to the editor show an increased confidence in the communities ability to enhance the software for everyone involved. I shall be keeping a close eye on the continued development of Construct 3, and if you are a fan of Construct 2 or have even used it to sell your own games, I recommend you do the same.

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  1. sgreig

    I understand their reasoning behind the decision, but I’m still a little annoyed by it, because although they do release some stable C2 builds, they haven’t really made a definitive 1.0 release, and now they’re talking about working on C3 and only doing bug fixes for C2? I know C2 has been around for 5 years but this just feels a bit to me like they realized some features they want to add weren’t as feasible with the current product, so instead of finishing that product, they’re just going to start working on a new one. If the upgrade from C2 to C3 personal license is more than $50USD I’m going to be really pissed off.

  2. Amazing kit of software but I’m lost as to why we need anything else but english, seems like a waste of time. Multi-platform support is a big YES THANK YOU. As for the rest I couldn’t be more pleased to have purchase the pro version, with regular updates, money well spent. A big hurrah to the Scirra team.

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