Scirra’s Build a Game Challenge!

Scirra, makers of Construct 2, have added an update to the popular HTML5 game engine, giving users an option to publish to the Amazon Appstore when exporting projects. To celebrate this, Scirra have announced the Build a Game Challenge, along with some rewards for those who participate.

Each qualifying game you publish to the Amazon Appstore between February 24th and April 1st will earn you $20 USD of Scirra store credit, up to a maximum of 5 games for a total reward of $100 in Scirra store credit, which can be used for a variety of things including assets such as sounds, sprites, templates and supporting software.

For your games to be eligible, they must meet Scirra’s quality bar, the details of which aren’t known but hopefully will stop things like screensaver games from making the cut, while not only blocking this challenge to all but the most elite gamemakers. You will also need to create a developer account on Amazon, a relatively simple and short process, and once you have uploaded your games, fill out this form before April 1st, and Scirra will contact you on details to claim your store credit.

A welcome step is that users of the free edition of Construct 2 are welcome to add their games to the challenge, this is not just something for paid users!

You have just over a month to get your games, new or existing, on the app store, so get cracking!

The original blog post on the Scirra website can be found here :

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