LD32 and #madeinconstruct

Ludum Dare 32’s judging period is nearly over, and the winners will soon be crowned, many of which may well go on to become fully realised games in their own right. This Ludum Dare has once again brought up some real gems thanks to the ‘Unconventional Weapon’ theme, with a lot of very exciting and interesting ideas.

I didn’t have very much time for my entry this time around, so most of my time has been spent promoting other developers and their games, specifically those created in my own engine, Construct 2. To this end, I have started using the hashtag #madeinconstruct to highlight my favourites, and I encourage any fans or developers to do the same.

Here’s four of my favourites from the contenders this time around :

Kitty Wings :

Its a cat, with wings, who throws milk bottles. Surely that’s all you need to know!

Bio Fight :

Infect a human body organ by organ. Filled with dark humor and a deceptively deep shooter mechanic.

Sniff :

A short first person game based in some sort of insane asylum, where you have to use the drugs they’re filling you with to escape.

Wee Pon :

A brilliant little self contained platformer where you control the Wee Pon, a very very unconventional weapon indeed.

The next Ludum Dare, LD33, is in August, but theres plenty of game jams going on before then, so get creating!

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