Despite detractors the Division devotees display delight

It is no surprise that Ubisoft continues to push the envelope with new titles. The Division is no different in that respect, being part online multiplayer experience, part action role playing game and part first person shooter. If you look at Ubisoft’s past successes such as the Assassin Creed series, Watch Dogs and so on, then it is easy to see the lineage that The Division is built from, but do all of these parts equal a successful whole?

Ubisoft seems to think so, and so do the hoards of fans playing The Division. With it’s fan support, some are even saying that The Division could be one of the top selling games this year. Unfortunately even with massive amounts of beta testing and quality assurance there are bugs that creep into the game, and hamper the experience. It is also unfortunate that gaming press finds negative articles bring in the most readers, much like car wrecks are so hard to ignore by passers by. Do not get me wrong, The Division is in no way a car wreck, or even really hampered by the issues that crop up with something as large scale as The Division.

As Ubisoft continues to iron out all the kinks. I for one can’t wait to see what Ubisoft has in store for us next!

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