The GFinity Arena: World Class ESports in London

Last year UK based gaming company GFinity unveiled their plan for 2015, a gaming arena in London that would play host to some of the biggest global names in ESports. Recently GFinity have not only announced the location, but also some of the names that will be appearing at this new venue, and it looks like at long last fans of ESports in the UK will have access to regular world class ESports tournaments in the capital.

Starting from the weekend of the 7th March and continuing throughout the year until the middle of September, the world best teams in various popular games will battle in the GFinity Arena. The custom-built arena, located at and constructed in partnership with Vue Cinemas in Fulham, has been designed with the purpose of showcasing world class events and giving spectators the best visual and audio feel of the action, and if early indications are anything to go by, the arena definitely looks the part.

With the arena finished, the next hurdle for GFinity was to get some world class competition to play. Its not enough to just look the part, you also need to get the biggest names to get spectators excited. The announcements for StarCraft 2, Hearthstone and Counter Strike:Global Offensive’s first tournaments have definitely delivered, as some of the biggest names across each game are present, fighting for increased prize pools. Along with some of the best teams across the world, equally prestigious casters and presenters have been brought in to oversee the proceedings and add their own spins and analysis on every second of play.

I’m massively excited for what the next few months has in store for UK ESports. With world class events now taking place in the capital, and ESL’s UK championships taking place at MCM Expo likely to draw in a large crowd, hopefully the UK can start catching up to the rest of the world in terms of how many people watch and participate in competitive gaming, and as the fanbases grow, the events will grow to match.

One things for certain, for those of us who are already fans of the ESports scene here in the UK, its going to be a hell of a year.

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