January IndieBox: Super Win The Game

“Just what is IndieBox exactly?” you might be asking yourself. Or perhaps, “Is this just another one of those subscription boxes everyone is doing now?” Fair questions. IndieBox is a monthly subscription service, but it’s a unique one.

Unlike the other “box” subscription services out there, what IndieBox does is select a game that has only been released digitally, and gives it a limited physical release. This includes full color boxes, manuals, soundtrack CDs, copies of the game on a USB stick, usually a Steam key, and more. And they do this starting at only $15.99/month. Some of their past releases include DoubleFine’s Brutal Legend and MagicalTimeBean’s Escape Goat 2.

This month’s selection will be Super Win The Game, the commercial sequel to the popular freeware retro title You Have To Win The Game. Here’s a quote from the press release about what’s included in this month’s release and a little about the game itself:

SuperWinTheGame_KeyArtThe retail copy will feature retro-inspired box art and contain a USB game cartridge with a DRM-free copy of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Subscribers will also receive exclusiv game content, a Steam key, color manual, CD soundtrack, additional collectables, and a digital copy of the flagship game You Have to Win the Game and the hit multi-player game, ClusterPuck 99 (retail $7.99).

Limited to 1250 individually numbered units, Super Win: Collector’s Edition will only be available to current subscribers. Subscription plans for IndieBox start at $15.99/mo (+ Shipping) and will end January 18th, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST. More info and registration at

Super Win the Game, created by Minor Key Games, is an open-world action and exploration platformer. Explore a massive world, find hidden treasures, collect power-ups, and gain new abilities to uncover mysterious secrets! Super Win the Game is full retro – featuring a CRT television simulator to bring players right back to their childhood.

As you can see, the cutoff date for new subscribers to get this box is January 18th so if you want to get it you should subscribe soon! We’ve put out a request for a review copy so if they send us one you can expect a full review on it. And keep checking back every month as we will be posting information about all upcoming releases from IndieBox.

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