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Mines of Mars Title

I think I will start writing a weekly thing about upcoming games. Heck, there are so many cool looking games coming out, I can barely keep up with them myself. This week, there is a game coming out called Mines of Mars for iOS by Crescent Moon Games. Mines of Mars looks to be a lot of fun, where you mine… on mars…

But wait! Here is some information direct from iTunes:

Some suspected that Mars once harbored life.┬áThere was a reason that it wasn’t ever found.

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‘Mines of Mars looks great and the story element is intriguing’ -Touch Arcade

Mines of Mars is a procedural atmospheric mining game that is inspired by games like Metroid and Motherload.
It is also a story based adventure game with dark secrets, great weapons, tons of different items, and a gorgeous world to explore.
The world of MoM is procedurally created, so that every time you play it, it will be a little different.
There are tons of different enemies, dark corridors, and a large variety of fauna and ambient creatures.

  • Huge Procedurally generated underground world
  • Night and Day system
  • Dark secrets
  • Atmospheric vibes
  • 3 Mini Games
  • Original Ambient Soundtrack by Evan Gipson
  • Lots of flora and fauna
  • Tons of Weapons and Items
  • Great storyline
  • Gravity Mining!
  • Huge Bosses

Co-op mining will be coming in a future update!

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