Mobile Kills the Console but Advances the Gaming Industry

The mobile market is slowly dominating the console industry. In the last few years we’ve seen an explosion in the number of mobile games making their way onto the market to the point where you can find a phone game that fits almost every niche or genre out there.

To put it in perspective, in the last year alone over 90% of people said they owned a smartphone, of which 60% said they used it primarily to play games for long periods of time. But why has mobile gaming become so popular?

Well that can be put down to a number of things. First off is that you can quickly and easily download mobile games, you can play them when you’re out and about and there are a ton of genres to play from shooters, RPG’s and even bingo. It’s this portability and adaptability with games that makes them incredibly popular to play on.

But it’s not just that, arguably console gaming has fallen rather flat on its face with problems like servers failing and broken coding for games. There’s also the loose usage of the term ‘console exclusive’ completely undermining the consumer trust in companies as they sell games that were supposed to be tied down to one console to other platforms within a few weeks of it coming out. Recent examples of this include the games Dead Rising 3 and Ryse.

But the worst has to be the recent over-hype of games. We all remember how Assassins Creed Unity, Destiny and Watch Dogs were supposed to be the peak of console gaming only for them to then be inexplicably missing content, downgraded in graphical quality or just broken on launch.

Pool this together and you can see why so many consumers are keeping current consoles at arm’s length and are opting to use mobile based games since they know what to expect from their games. Plus they’re normally free or are incredibly cheap unlike the £49.99 you have to shell out for some of the new games coming out on the next-gen consoles.

This move towards mobile has strangely enough been incredibly beneficial to gaming community as players are staying away from AAA blockbusters to play more indie games or simple little flash titles. It’s this exodus to the mobile market that’s lead to a lot of developers in both the console and mobile industry taking a step back to start making games that are simple and fun to play instead. This is great for the industry as it keeps it from becoming stale.

It has also allowed smaller developers to get their foot in the door of the gaming industry. In fact Pop-Cap, the team behind Plants Vs Zombies, recently launched their first console based game because they managed to get so much attention when they first started out in the mobile market.

There are even online companies and gambling brands that owe a lot of their success to the mobile market to the point where there are even sites like available where you can read reviews of them because it’s becoming difficult to choose between them all.

With sales of consoles dwindling in the last year alone it’s quickly becoming a mobile dominated market to the point where a lot of developers are opting for mobile versions of their games first and consoles second.

Perhaps in the future we may see mobiles being at the forefront of the gaming industry, with so many people switching to mobiles over consoles it probably won’t take too long.