The worlds first LGBTQIA PC RPG! Too many abbreviations…

I got a press release today about a new PC RPG. A LGBTQIA PC RPG. I understand the desire to be inclusive and promote acceptance, but when I see such a long abbreviation I find it more anxiety inducing than any subject matter.

‘Seven Sages Of The Bamboo Grooves’ Introduces The World’s First LGBTQIA PC-RPG GAME

In an age of political tyranny, two lovers fight for freedom in a timeless battle between good and evil … Which side will YOU choose?

Inspired by a true story, the Seven Sages Of The Bamboo Grooves by Ingenius Studios is a story-driven LGBTQIA PC-RPG game set in ancient 3rd century China, offering a thoughtful and sensitive portrayal of characters with meaningful stories and experiences. Seven Sages Of The Bamboo Grooves is currently in development and on KickStarter™ with a campaign to secure funds to cover the initial stretch of development. The complete game will release in 2016 and will be available for PC & MAC.

Game introduction:

The story revolves around two freedom fighters belonging to a group of rebel warriors who are scholars, musicians and poets. Grief and tragedy will follow players as they battle for their freedom, seek revenge, endure mistreatment, and stand up for their rights… Our heroes are accompanied by five loyal companions each willing to give their last breath for their cause, and you must join them as they battle evil by day and make love and music together by moonlight! There is also a darker side to the story: possession, demons, exorcism and magic come into play, adding romance and mysticism. Politically serious yet rowdy and fun loving, our heroes combine ancient Chinese alchemy and magical incantation to empower and heal their party, while wielding up to eighteen different legendary weapons in two distinct gameplay battle systems.

Offering a 3D turn-based RPG gameplay experience, you must find, manage and take control of each of the seven sages and collect the 7 spectral orbs to return the rightful balance to nature. Packed with cool features, mini-games and enticing puzzles, the Seven Sages Of The Bamboo Grooves is a one-of-a-kind LGBTQIA game with a rich story, exciting content, and plenty of exploration and adventuring.

Campaign project page:

The campaign via KickStarter aims to fund a fully playable proof-of-concept demo, containing the first level of the game. To backers, a great selection of rewards are available, such as soundtrack, character posters, t-shirts and even timeless statuettes.

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