Top Five Indie Games on Android

When it comes to mobile games there’s a veritable treasure trove available on the Android market, ranging from a variety of topics and genres, but which ones are the best to play?

Well we’ve decided to help you out with that little conundrum by creating our list of the top five Indie games we found on the mobile market.


1: Super Hexagon

A fast-paced puzzler, Super Hexagon is on level with the Impossible Game for infuriating yet addictive gameplay. Players have to guide small triangle out of closing hexagons that gradually become faster and faster.

It’s an arcade runner so the goal is to show off to your friends how far you can get in one sitting.

This fun little puzzle game is available for the low price of $2.99.


2: Gyro

Gyro is an incredibly addictive simple puzzle game that involves players manipulating a large circle on screen and catching circles using corresponding areas of the wheel. It’s incredibly basic but extremely fun to play.

But best of all it’s completely free to download and play.


3: World of Goo

One of the best-selling Indie games, World of Goo puts players in the role of helping small balls of goo form complex structures to make their way to freedom.

With an interesting physics engine where the slightest mistake could send your entire superstructure crashing to the ground.

There’s also a build a tower mode where you and your friends can compete using the games high score table to try and see who can build the biggest tower.

Although be warned, the bigger you make your tower, the more unstable it becomes.

For only $4.99, World of Goo should be at the top of your playlist.


4: Organ Trail: Directors Cut

Organ Trail is a rather darker spin on the original iconic DOS classic Oregon Trail, although you’re less likely to ‘die from dysentery’ in this game.

Players take control of a group of survivors as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse in their Station Wagon.

Although you don’t have to ford rivers or hunt game, instead you send out scouting parties for ammo, food and medical supplies with the chance that each forage could lead to one of our party members being killed by bandits or undead.

The fuel meter of the car adds a nice ticking clock mechanic as you try to keep your group alive.

For the low price of $2.99, Organ Trail: Directors Cut is definitely one to try out.


5: Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack

Everyone knows Serious Sam, the chaotic sixteen player first-person-shooter that brought gigantic building sizes bosses against the unstoppable killing machine that is Serious Sam.

With almost Duke Nukem levels of silliness, Serious Sam Kamikaze Attach is a great addition to the franchise.

With a slightly more cartoonish design than its predecessors, Kamikaze Attack is a side scrolling Android runner as players control the Kamikazes, a group of headless soldiers with bombs for hands.

These exploding nutters have to jump and kick Sam’s ordinance back at him to try and slow him down long enough for them to blow him up.

At only $0.99, you should buy this game now and start practicing your signature Kamikaze:”ARRRRRRRGHHH!!!”


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