Cabin in the Woods Review

I was fortunate enough to get tickets to a sneak preview screening of Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s Cabin in the Woods tonight, and after seeing it I knew a review couldn’t wait. If you’re not into reading everything I have to say about the movie and just want to know if you should go see it or not, allow me to accomodate you: GO SEE THIS DAMN MOVIE!!!

I really can’t emphasize enough how entertaining this film is. Granted, I realize some people(with no souls) will probably hate it, but this is exactly the breath of fresh air I’ve been looking for in a horror movie. It’s got a few jumps, some laughs, camp, a sci-fi twist not usually seen in this kind of film, plus a lot of service to fans of classic horror/slasher movies AND Joss Whedon’s various works.

I’m really determined not to ruin anything about this movie by discussing plot points, twists, or anything else. You’ve all seen the trailers, so you know about as much as I’d be willing to tell you anyway. Instead, allow me to let you take a brief glimpse inside my brain during a scene in the movie. If this doesn’t sell you on it, nothing will.

“Wow!.. that’s a lot of…. wait.. they’re not going to do tha… oh SHIT! Did they really just… WHA?… IS THAT A FREAKING UNICORN?!?!” *head explodes*

This movie? 10/10 for me. Nuff said.

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