Thor 3 Announced As Marvel Charges On; Games To Follow?

News broke this past week that Thor 3 is a go for Marvel, which further signifies that the Avengers franchise, and its individual character branches, are moving ahead at full speed. In announcing the film, Moviefone has taken the stance that Thor 2: The Dark World was a disappointment. And, really, many fans have begun to turn slightly on the various Avengers series because they are becoming a bit repetitive. But the fact remains that these films, no matter what fans and critics say, rake in truckloads of money for movies.

So, like it or not, the Avengers will seemingly continue to occupy theaters for the foreseeable future, with new titles scheduled for the next several years. And for those with interest in the gaming industry, this begs the question: where are the mind-blowing console adventures to accompany this endless gold mine of a movie franchise?

The answer is, primarily, not where you might expect. While there has been some moderate success of Avengers-themed console video games, the bulk of the gaming releases have been relegated to forums like downloadable phone applications and casino arcade games on the web.

App Gaming

In the world of app gaming, there have been a number of releases that hovered near the top of the iOS and Android charts for some time. Most notably, Avengers: Initiative came out in 2012, Iron Man 3: The Official Game later the same year, and Thor: The Dark World in 2013. Naturally these games are subject to the size and gameplay limitations that come with any mobile game, but due to their specific relevance to movies and the general popularity of the characters, they’ve fared decently well, though reviews were mixed for the bunch.

Casino Gaming

In casino gaming, the Avengers characters are used essentially as thematic backdrops for classic games, but they still add an element of entertainment that might otherwise be lacking. The Bet Fair casino showcases a number of examples of the effectiveness of using these characters and games, currently featuring a number of slot machine and jackpot games with Avengers titles and art, such as Marvel Roulette. There are also others located in the Arcade section that include the Incredible Hulk and even Wonder Woman.

Console Gaming

Both app games and casino offerings have their appeal, but it’s in the world of consoles that many fans would expect more from Marvel. Again, there have been game releases in recent years – most notably the so-so Marvel Origins: Battle For Earth (2012), Captain America: Super Soldier (2011) and Thor: God Of Thunder (2011) – and even more dating back before 2010. But the games have been largely irrelevant in terms of quality and critical reception. In fact, the most well-received Avengers game in years was 2013’s Lego Marvel Super Heroes!

All this is to say that despite the massive success of the Avengers movies, the gaming community has been left hanging, for the most part, when looking for playable content. Back in 2012, SlashGear reported that Marvel executives had confirmed a slew of games on the way; but so far there’s very little to show for this lofty promise. Here’s hoping that with more films announced seemingly every few months—such as Thor 3—the high quality games will eventually follow.

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