WordPress + Buddypress + Pantheon = Awesome!

I have long been a fan of WordPress, and once Buddypress was announced I REALLY wanted to use it. Unfortunately the hosting I was using wasn’t really up to snuff. I could get it up and going with no problem, but the load with all the plugins and the hefty theme I was using was just too much to handle.

Enter Pantheon with their new WordPress service gearing up for launch I decided to give this Buddypress thing a try, and throw everything I could think of at Pantheon and see how slow things would get. Imagine my surprise when it was still amazingly fast and responsive… I didn’t know what to think…

Over the years, looking for the right host now seems like a waste of time. If I were to be setting up a new Buddypress site (Buddypress 2.0 is coming out REAL SOON) then I would suggest looking at Pantheon, setting up a free account, build your site and see how smoothly it runs. You might just find yourself skipping evaluating any of the standard hosting providers… 🙂

In my opinion Pantheon is right with their front page blurb…

pantheonpromoHosting is Dead.

Set your website free. Build, launch, and run on Pantheon, the professional website platform.

Never touch a server again.



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