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Scott mentioned that he was able to track down a movie that Friend of Moon Books™ horror author Dana Fredsti is in called Princess Warrior. Never having heard of it, I had to check it out on IMDB. Imagine my surprise when I find out Dana Fredsti herself wrote a review of Princess Warrior!

ExCUSE me, but my tongue was TOO in my cheek when we filmed this piece o’ poop. As the evil sister with hair that Mommy Dearest would envy, I did my very best to channel Tim Curry in Rocky Horror. I’m sad that this did not come across… Ah well, a friend compared it to a ‘rock bottom budget SHOWGIRLS’ with a white hot spoon.’ I’ll have to be content with that.

What amazes me is no one mentioned the endless (and dull) wet T-shirt contest. It is seriously the longest wet T-shirt contest in cinema history. And the only one where the contestants were wearing industrial strength cotton-polyester shirts that defied all efforts to get them wet and translucent.

And didn’t anyone catch the director’s cameo as the dude on the payphone interrupted by our hero? With the line ‘are we filming yet?” clearly audible? Jeez, this is bad movie heaven for REAL aficionados…

-Dana Fredsti

Want to read more about Dana Fredsti’s experience starring in Princess Warrior? Check out her The Skeleton Wore Fishnets article! Or perhaps you would like to read about it on IMDB, or on Dana Fredsti’s website. Oh, and you can buy Princess Warrior on Amazon too.


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